Now and again we all need a ‘pick me up’ including our friends and family so we have compiled a list of Budget Friendly Ways To Surprise Someone. You may have noticed that your mother seems stressed, your best friend seems down or your boyfriend is always busy. Creating a little surprise for them will brighten their day and does not have to cost the world.

Breakfast In Bed

For those that need a lay in and a chilled morning in bed, consider making them breakfast in bed. This could be a simple cup of tea and toast or go all out and make a full english breakfast. Whatever it may be, they are sure to appreciate the gesture.

Write A Card

You can give a card for any occasion as there are so many types of messages. Thinking of you cards are great for a surprise as they can be given at any time. Write a meaningful message inside and let your loved one know that you cherish them.

Bake Cookies

Baking is a fun way to spend the afternoon. Whether you wish to ask someone to do this with you as a surprise activity or simply present them with the baked goods after.

This would make a fantastic activity for children on the weekend.


Everybody loves to receive chocolates. The perfect gift for any day of the week and for any reason! Take the surprise gift even further and send it directly to the recipients house.

Cook Dinner

Everybody needs their dinner every evening but make it extra special for a surprise. Cook their favourite dish and pair it with a nice bottle of wine. Set up the dining room table with flowers and candles to create a lovely atmosphere.

Go On a Picnic

The great outdoors can be incorporated with your surprise. A fantastic activity to do on a warm summer’s day. Whether you take homemade sandwiches or some quick snacks like crisps and sausage rolls, a picnic is loved by all.

Plan A Surprise Date Night

Date nights can be difficult to come by. Everybody can get very busy with all of life’s commitments. Make sure that you and your partner are getting some cherished time together by organising a surprise date night. It could be as simple as going for a drink down the local pub.

Movie Night

Creating a movie night is an easy surprise that can be made in seconds. Put on your favourite film, whether that is on the tv, Netflix or a DVD and then grab loads of snacks! Make sure you have popcorn, chocolate and sweets along with all of your pillows and duvet for a super comfy evening.

Organise A Scenic Walk

Going for a walk and getting some fresh air always helps to lift spirits. If you are wanting to cheer someone up, take them out for a walk. Get amongst nature and enjoy the countryside. There are plenty of planned public footpath walks that you can take. So change up your usual routine and organise a hike through some countryside fields.

Oftentimes we think about the little things that make someone happy, but for those of us that are tight on budget, it can be hard to show somebody how much you care. We hope that our list of budget friendly ways to surprise someone this year has given you some ideas!

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